Scoot Coupe Rentals in OBX

Spend the day or week driving around the Outer Banks in a fun "three-wheeled car"!

Scooter Rentals in OBX

There is nothing like the freedom and fun of renting scooters and cruising around.

Bike Rentals in OBX

Renting bicycles is a great way to get around and experience the Outer Banks.

Welcome to Scooters N Spokes, OBX Beach Toy Rentals.

A vacation to the Outer Banks is exactly what you're in need of if you're looking to plan a trip that revolves around the great outdoors. The Outer Banks has something for every sightseer, family man and risk taker. There's no denying the biggest attraction here are the miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches. The unspoiled shorelines have popped up on a number of National "Best Beaches" lists, including Coastal Living Magazine's list. Enjoy our paddle boards to take your vacation to the next level! After you hit the beach explore the Outer Banks top attractions on one of our rental scooters, bikes or scoot coupes. The wide-open natural setting of the Outer Banks is perfect to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Our Clients Love Our Unforgettable Staff

  • We rented two bikes for the week. This was our first time renting in the OBX and will continue to do so in the future. Bikes were comfortable and in good condition (not squeaky). Personnel very helpful and friendly.

    ---- Andrew L
  • Our family came for a week on vacation and we were able to rent 3 bikes for 3 days. The staff was very helpful and allowed us to turn in the bikes on the morning of the fourth day. Prices weren't bad and it was a fun experience for us all.

    ---- Hanna Z
  • Looking for something different and to get away from the beach a little, we decided to rent a moped! The price for 3 hours(the minimum time) was relatively cheap, especially since we could fit two on the moped. Having never rode a moped beforehand, we had to learn, Phillip, our instructor,was very helpful with teaching the basics and encouraging. The three hours flew by! Were definitely going back again!