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Jennette's Pier in North Carolina

Author: Scooters N Spokes/Friday, January 15, 2016/Categories: Beach Toys, Places To See, Things To Do

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Jennette’s Pier in North Carolina

Enjoying Jennette’s Pier on a bike, scooter, or scoot coup is a fantastic way to explore one of the hot spots in Nags Head.   Jeanette’s Pier is well known throughout North Carolina for the abundant fishing but the Pier also provides the opportunity for an educational adventure. 

When Jennette’s pier first opened in 1939 it was 754 feet long and was a destination that drew fishermen from all parts of the state to visit. There were so many traveling fishermen that the cabins, originally built for the construction workers, were reconstructed as housing for traveling fishermen. Over the years, Jennette’s pier was battered by multiple hurricanes but it was hurricane Isabel which caused extensive damage requiring the pier to be repaired. Jennette’s pier had been purchased by the North Carolina Aquarium Society and they saw this as an opportunity to re-create not only a great fishing pier but also an educational one. The pier reopened in 2011 and rapidly drew not only fishermen but families and travelers as well. 

Rent a scooter, bike, or scoot coup to explore Jennette’s Pier today, and experience the beauty of all the sights and sounds of an enormous 1,000 foot long pier! The fishing is still world-class but now the amount of additional activities the Pier provides is a huge draw for families as well. Jennette’s pier hosts fishing workshops for beginners or to hone the skills of seasoned fishermen. These fishing workshops are opened not only to individuals but families who can come and spend the day learning while enjoying the fantastic North Carolina weather. In addition to fishing, Jennette’s pier also provides stand up paddle board workshops, junior explorer days for young children, night adventures, and much more.  These workshops change throughout the year adapting to seasonal changes and migrating wildlife. This means that there is always something new and exciting to discover regardless of what time of year you plan your visit.  Schedule your rental of bikes, scooter, scoot coup, or even beach toys to use in the Ocean at Jennette’s Pier today and make the experience of visiting this marvelous attraction a true adventure! 

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